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A counselor in North Canton

A counselor in North Canton

A counselor in North Canton A counselor in North Canton

Individual, Family & Marriage Counseling


Counseling Style

In addition to using traditional counseling approaches, when treating an individual's concerns I will also often consider the client's life from a systemic perspective. After all, a presenting client is only one part of their system. All the parts of a system should be considered for a better outcome. Using a systemic approach for treatment can be best illustrated by considering a baby's mobile which spins harmoniously. Strike one piece and the whole system becomes disrupted. In the same way we affect each other systemically. Person one affects person two and person two affects person one and so on. Obviously this systemic view should be considered when either family counseling or marriage counseling occurs. Therefore, I use my traditional counseling approaches and also systemic approaches to assist those who come to me for help.

Areas of Interest

My areas of interest are:

- Marriage counseling / Couples counseling

- Family counseling

- Relationship concerns

- Adjustment disorders

- Depression disorders

- Anxiety disorders

- Grief counseling

- Trauma counseling

- Anger management

- Also as desired by a client I can use my theological background and function as a Christian counselor for those wishing to gain resilience from their faith.